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L4L's mission is to help children build a strong reading foundation by providing affordable, personalized and effective private reading tutoring for children ages 6-12.

Meet the Tutor

Hello, my name is Shannon! I am a certified teacher with 9 years experience in teaching foundational reading. I've taught grades Pre-K3, Pre-K4, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 4th grade. I received my Bachelor's degree at University of Houston-Downtown in Interdisciplinary Studies to become a teacher in 2013. I also received my Master of Education in Special Education at Lamar University to become an Educational Diagnostician in 2021.

I created Love 4 Literacy Tutoring service because I developed a passion for teaching children how to read. Sadly, reading instruction in the classroom is not individualized as it should, to meet the learning needs of all students. As a result, this causes learning gaps for students who need more support. If reading intervention doesn't occur right away, the child can get behind in reading by 2 to 3-grade levels. From my experience, it is disheartening to see children unmotivated because of their inability to read as well as their peers. Being a tutor will allow me to build positive relationships with children and help them become confident readers.

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What's Offered?

Personalized Learning

I understand that each student is unique and requires instruction tailored to their personal learning style and needs. Meeting students at their level, along with encouragement and patience, will help build their confidence for academic success.


Students will receive a comprehensive assessment that will provide information about their reading level, reading behaviors, comprehension, fluency, phonetic knowledge and phonemic awareness. Assessment and progress monitoring checks will be used to make informed decisions to plan effective and efficient reading intervention.


All lessons will be taught from a researched based curriculum that has been proven to show positive results.

Don't let your child fall behind!

"Without a strong foundation in reading, children are left behind at the beginning of their education. They lag in every class, year after year because more than 85 percent of the curriculum is taught by reading. And by the end of third grade, 74 percent of struggling readers won’t ever catch up. In fact, one of the most important predictors of graduating from high school is reading proficiently by the end of third grade." ~ The Children's Reading Foundation

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  • They may have problems sounding out words (decoding).
  • They may have difficulty recognizing sounds and the letters that make up those sounds.
  • They may have poor spelling skills.
  • Their reading may be slow and labored (poor fluency).
  • They may have problems reading out loud with correct expression.
  • They may have problems understanding what was just read (reading comprehension).

How to tell if your child needs reading intervention?

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1:

Contact me via email, Facebook, Instagram or schedule a call to discuss how I can assist with your child's reading needs.

Step 2:

If interested, you will fill out an information form to provide me additional information about the student's reading ability.

Step 3:

We will set up a meeting so I can get to know the student, and to review policy information, schedule sessions, determine tutoring location and discuss the payment plan.

Step 4:

We'll start our first private session!

Session Rates

Session rates vary depending on instructional preference and frequency.

There is a minimum sign-up of 2 sessions per week.

Pricing plans are below:

In-Person Tutoring

$80 per week- (2) 50 minute sessions

$120 per week- (3) 50 minute sessions

Online Tutoring

$60 per week- (2) 50 minute sessions

$90 per week-(3) 50 minute sessions

*In-person tutoring sessions are only available within a 12-mile radius of zip code 77044. If the location falls outside this range, only online tutoring is available.

Have questions?


Ready to get started?

Email: l4lreadingtutor@gmail.com

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